6 Significant Benefits of Email Marketing for Your Business

October 17, 2023

To shed light on the significant benefits of email marketing, its comparison to other channels, and the future role of AI, we've gathered insights from AI founders and digital marketing leaders. From the direct engagement and high ROI of email marketing to the potential of personalized messaging, here are six expert perspectives on the evolving landscape of email marketing.

AI Boosts Cold Email Efficiency

Cold-email marketing, though powerful, often involves a ton of manual work. But, with GPT and a Google Sheets plugin, we can change the game. This combination automates personalization for initial cold emails and sequences. It's like having an extra set of hands crafting tailored messages, keeping your touch human while adding speed and scale.

The Power of Automation

Setting it up takes some elbow grease, but it's a breeze once done. You can apply the formula to thousands of leads at once. It's like a production line for personalized cold emails, ramping up your efficiency and the effectiveness of your campaigns, saving you time, and driving better results.

Shane McEvoy, MD, Flycast Media

Provides Direct Engagement and High ROI

Significant benefit? Direct and personalized engagement. Email marketing provides a direct and personalized communication channel between your brand and your audience. Instead of shooting in the dark and hoping your message will stick, you're hand-delivering your value proposition to those interested.

How does it compare? Better ROI. Email marketing often delivers a higher ROI than other marketing channels. According to the Data & Marketing Association, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42. Astonishing.

AI changing email marketing. Have you ever heard the phrase, "The right message, to the right person, at the right time"? That's where AI steps in. AI can analyze vast amounts of data and draw patterns that would take humans months to comprehend.

Mathew Bojerski, AI and Founder, Lendahire

Reaches a Wide Audience and Saves Costs

One significant benefit of email marketing is its high return on investment (ROI) due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to reach a wide audience. With effective email campaigns, businesses can drive customer engagement, nurture leads, promote products or services, and ultimately generate sales. Compared to other channels, email marketing offers a direct and personalized approach, delivering messages directly to recipients' inboxes and allowing precise targeting and segmentation.

The integration of AI is set to transform email marketing by automating personalization, segmentation, and campaign optimization. AI algorithms analyze data to understand customer behavior, enabling businesses to send targeted and relevant emails. AI also enables predictive analytics, anticipating customer needs and delivering personalized content. This enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of email marketing, improving customer experience and increasing conversion rates.

Kevin Hall, Marketing Operations, Webserv

Attains and Measures the Audience’s Attention

A single benefit of email marketing is that you can reach the prospect's attention directly and measure it. According to Constant Contact, the ROIs on email are $36 for every $1 spent. So, compared to other channels, it's much more targeted and cheaper. 

There are a few ways AI has impacted email marketing:

1. Creating email content, particularly subject lines. ChatGPT is now widely used as an email copywriter.

2. Increasing deliverability by removing warning words.

3. Measuring impact through AI-driven analytics.

Avinash Kumar, Team Lead in Digital Marketing, RepuGen

Complements Other Useful Channels

Formerly, email marketing was a very important channel when mailboxes were not overflowing with all kinds of mailouts and notifications. Now, mailbox servers have learned to identify marketing emails and automatically move them to the "Promotions" folder. If 30% of such emails are clicked on, it is considered a success. 

Channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even SMS messages are more effective. Of course, this largely depends on the content of the mailouts. It is impossible to fit anything significant in an SMS message. However, by crafting an effective WhatsApp marketing strategy or determining how you will use each channel, you will achieve success better.

At the same time, email mailouts find their audience, and even with a 30% open rate, they are worth it. You just need to complement them with other channels. For cold outreach, using LinkedIn and email mailouts simultaneously is the perfect solution.

Daria Erina, Managing Director, Linked Helper

Achieves High Engagement Rates

One of the standout benefits of email marketing is its remarkable open rates. With well-crafted subject lines and engaging content, rates as high as 60-70% have been observed. This level of engagement is hard, if not impossible, to match on other channels, particularly the paid ones.

The effectiveness of email marketing could be attributed to the prior interaction the audience has had with your business. By the time they receive your newsletters and updates, they have already shown an interest in your products or services. This familiarity gives you insights into their preferences, enabling more targeted and valuable content creation.

Looking to the future, AI won't change the fundamental principles of email marketing. However, it can definitely enhance it. The use of AI in crafting compelling subject lines and content will allow savvy email marketers to push those engagement rates even higher.

Rafael Sarim Özdemir, Founder and CEO, Zendog Labs

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