Amazing Black Friday SaaS Deals You Can’t Miss

February 27, 2024

It’s that time of the year again!

With a big week full of potential sales revolving around us, there's no chance that businesses will miss out on it. From special deals to discounts, you can get the best of SaaS tools at a much cheaper price than the rest of the year. 

To help you leverage this year’s Black Friday SaaS deals we have curated some of the amazing deals for you.

Table of contents

1. Mailmodo

Mailmodo is a complete email marketing solution that lets you create and send interactive emails within minutes with its no-code editor. You can create campaigns, manage lists, personalize content, explore ready-to-use templates, save and reuse blocks, and track performance with smart reports - all at the same place. Mailmodo can also integrate with multiple CRMs to manage your workflow. 

BFCM deal: Get 20% off on any of the plans on annual payments on your first payment. This offer is applicable only for new users and when you make annual payment.

Validity: 25th-30th November 2023

👉 Get Mailmodo’s Black Friday deal

2. HelpCrunch

HelpCrunch is a multi-functional platform that combines live chat, chatbot, knowledge base, and shared inbox tools for all communications with your customers, no matter the channel. Marketers can leverage additional HelpCrunch features like email marketing automation and popups for better engagement and higher conversions.

BFCM Deal: This Black Friday season, you can get the entire arsenal of HelpCrunch tools at a 30% discount on your first payment. The deal sums up with annual discounts, so you can save up to 50% in total by signing up for a whole year.

Coupon code: BFCM2022

Validity: Before November 30.

👉🏼 Get HelpCrunch's Black Friday deal

3. Linguise

Linguise is an automatic neural translation service for websites that help you increase your traffic with instant translations in more than 80 languages. It comes with a WordPress plugin for full integration.

BFCM deal: Linguise is offering you 30% OFF on all its plans as a BFCM gift to you. 


Validity: 24 to 28 November 2022

👉🏼 Get the Linguise’s Black Friday deal

4. EmailListValidation

Email verification services

Email List Validation is a reliable, 99% accurate, and affordable email validation to ensure your emails get delivered to the right inbox. Protect your email campaigns from toxic emails, verify emails in real-time, clean your list automatically, and sync with Mailchimp, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Mailerlite, and more.

BFCM deal: 60% off any packages

Coupon Code: BLACKF60

Validity: Between 1 - 29 November

5. Crawlbase Smart Proxy

Crawlbase is the leading data crawling and scraping platform for businesses. You can scrape millions of websites at once in a matter of minutes. With its proxy solution, you can bypass any restrictions, such as captchas and blocks, and scale as needed. Its cloud storage lets you store your data in the cloud temporarily or permanently so you can focus on what matters.


BFCM deal: 20% for a "lifetime" on Smart Proxy

Coupon code: FRIDAYSP20

Validity: 20 November - 20 December 2023

👉🏼 Get Smart Proxy Black Friday deal here

6. Qapita

Qapita is a leading provider of end-to-end equity management solutions for early-stage startups, serving over 2,000 companies in India and Southeast Asia. We specialize in managing ownership records, including CapTables and ESOPs. We offer a complete suite of ESOP management services, such as Plan Design, Advisory, Benchmarking, ESOP Trust services, Valuation, and more. Additionally, we've introduced a marketplace to provide structured liquidity options for employees with ESOPs and investors.

Offer- 100% Discount for CapTable Management Offerings | $2,500 worth Credits


Validity- November 24–December 31, 2023

👉🏼 Get Qapita Black Friday deal here

7. Weblium

Weblium is a website builder to turn your ideas and conceptions into a ready-to-use functional site. With the assistance of our builder, you can create different types of websites and edit them at any time, adding more content. While integrations with different payment systems and built-in CRM will help you bring your business online, a flexible editor will be an advantage for designers and marketers.

Offer- 30% off the annual Pro plan

Validity- November 21–November 30, 2023

👉🏼 Get Weblium Black Friday deal here

8. Upscale

Upscale transforms sales teams by replacing random prospecting with structured, multi-channel sequences. This strategic approach ensures a consistent flow of potential leads, enhancing sales efficiency and results.

Offer- 50% off on annual pricing

Validity- Up to December 31, 2023

Coupon code- UPSCALE6X

👉🏼 Get Upscale Black Friday deal here

9. MailButler

Mailbutler is a productivity-enhancing email software extension plugin compatible with Apple Mail, Gmail, and Outlook. It elevates your email management experience through a range of features, including email tracking, smart send later, email signatures, task management, note-taking, email templates, contact management, snooze functionality, collaboration tools, and an intelligent Smart Assistant.

Offer- 33% off on the Smart Plan

Validity- November 24–November 31, 2023

👉🏼 Get MailButler Black Friday deal here

10. EngageBay

Engagebay is a comprehensive, all-in-one platform that seamlessly combines marketing, sales, and support functions, complete with a free CRM specifically designed for startups and expanding businesses. This unified software simplifies and enhances your marketing, sales, and support operations. It provides a consolidated view of your customers across all teams, enabling you to market your business effectively, nurture long-lasting customer relationships, excel in sales, and deliver outstanding customer support, just like the world's leading companies.

Offer- 40% off across all plans for new signups

Validity- 30 November 2023.

👉🏼 Get EngageBay Black Friday deal here

11. SendBuzz

SendBuzz simplifies your sales outreach, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. Effortlessly run successful campaigns and effortlessly generate more business with this affordable software. Its purpose-built features streamline your sales efforts and enhance prospect interactions, allowing you to rapidly increase your revenue

Offer- 10% flat discount on annual plans

Validity- From 24 November to 30 November 2023

👉🏼 Get SendBuzz Black Friday deal here

12. Planly

Planly is an all-in-one social media management tool, thanks to which you can easily manage your social media profiles across 7 platforms: Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Mastodon.  It offers the following innovative features - scheduling posts via multiple platforms, AI-generated captions, hashtag suggestions, optimal posting times, comprehensive analytics, a unified digital portfolio feature called, and seamless integrations with Unsplash, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Thereby, Planly simplifies social media management, enhances engagement, and offers convenient content creation and distribution.

Offer- 50% OFF for the first month subscription and 30% OFF for annual subscription.

Validity- From 20 November to 30 November 2023

👉🏼 Get Planly Black Friday deal here

13. Tagmate

Tagmate is a GTM (Google Tag Manager) automation tool built to set up 100% accurate analytics tags and marketing pixels as well as debug them. With Tagmate, you can

- Set up GA4 tags in seconds with 40+ templates

- Create GA4 custom events with Chrome Extension

- Configure Meta Ads and Google Ads conversion pixels using client-side or server-side tagging

- Debug your GA4 implementation for websites and mobile apps

Offer- Flat 66% off on yearly subscription and 100 hours of FREE GA4 consultation.

Validity- From 1 November to 10 December 2023

👉🏼 Get Tagmate Black Friday deal here

14. QR Diffusion

Discover QR Diffusion - where art meets tech in our dynamic QR codes! Say goodbye to plain black and white and hello to eye-catching designs, perfectly crafted by our QR code generator! Our generator is incredibly user-friendly, perfect for beginners to edit pre-made templates and create their artistic QR codes in seconds.

Offer- 50% discount for the first two months or the entire year when choosing an annual plan.

Validity- From 12 November to 1 December 2023

👉🏼 Get QR Diffusion Black Friday deal here

15. PluginEver

PluginEver is committed to the WooCommerce platform and is developing top-tier plugins for its users since 2016. Get the market-leading WooCommerce plugins from PluginEver at a flat 40% discount on all products.

Offer- 40% Flat Discount.

Validity- From 16 November to 30 November 2023

👉🏼 Get PluginEver Black Friday deal here

16. Devrims

Devrims is the perfect managed cloud hosting for PHP web apps. It does not matter if you have a busy blog on WordPress or a money-making ecommerce on WooCommerce or Magento. Devrims is here to manage all your cloud hosting needs.

Offer- Get 60% OFF for 5 MONTHS

Validity- From 15 November to 30 November 2023

Coupon code- DEVRIMS60

👉🏼 Get Devrims Black Friday deal here

17. Rezi

Resume platform that uses leading AI to automate every aspect of creating a hirable resume—writing, editing, formatting, and optimizing.

Offer- 60% off Rezi Pro.

Validity- From 20 November to 30 November 2023

Coupon code- BF2023

👉🏼 Get Rezi Black Friday deal here

18. NOVA A.I.

NOVA A.I. is a simple yet Powerful video editor with AI-powered features to help you create the most captivating and engaging video! NOVA A.I. is an online platform, so you won’t have to download or update software regularly. Suitable for all: beginners as well as more experienced video editors! NOVA A.I. offers all the essential video editing tools you need PLUS more advanced tools such as transitions, filters, and a good selection of AI-powered features - voiceovers, subtitles, dubbing, AI Clip maker, video search, and more. Utilize AI automation to edit your videos with NOVA A.I.

Offer- 30% off FOR LIFE on all plans.

Validity- From 23 November to 30 November 2023

Coupon code- BLACKFRIDAY30

👉🏼 Get NOVA A.I. Black Friday deal here

19. WebsiteVoice

WebsiteVoice is an innovative solution that transforms your website's content into engaging, natural-sounding audio. It seamlessly integrates with your site and converts text into speech, enhancing user experience and accessibility. With a diverse range of customizable voices and languages, WebsiteVoice enables you to captivate audiences globally.

Offer- 10% off on all WebsiteVoice packages.

Validity- From 20 November to 20 December 2023

Coupon code- WV2023

👉🏼 Get WebsiteVoice Black Friday deal here

20. Writecream

Writecream is an AI-powered text, voice, and image generation mobile app and website. Generate anything from essays, stories, novels, product descriptions, articles, scripts, ad copy, social media posts, and more. Additionally, Writecream features AI-based neural voices that sound like humans. These can be used to generate podcasts and narrations for YouTube videos. Recently, Writecream added a one-click image generation function using DALLE-2.

Offer- Get 20% off on Writecream’s monthly and annual unlimited plans

Validity- From 18 November to 31 December 2023

Coupon code- WRITE20

👉🏼 Get Writecream Black Friday deal here

21. Airbrush AI

Airbrush is a simple tool that can convert your ideas into images in seconds. Simply enter your thoughts and hit Generate! In addition to converting text to art, Airbrush can also convert images to text, describing the image content in detail. You can upscale images, make cover images for presentations and blog articles, and do more!

Offer- Get lifetime access to Airbrush AI for a one time price of $29!

Validity- From 18 November to 31 December 2023

👉🏼 Get Airbrush AI Black Friday deal here

22. AI4Chat

AI4Chat introduces a revolutionary all-in-one chatbot hub, eliminating the need for multiple apps to interact with different AI chatbots. This platform houses a diverse range of bots like Google Bard, OpenAI's ChatGPT and GPT4, Meta's Llama 2, and others, all accessible under a single roof. The app supports over 75 languages, customizable word counts, a variety of conversational tones, and seamless integration with Google Search for real-time information access. Additional functionalities include voice chat in multiple languages and the capability to upload and discuss files and images, enriching the interactive experience.

Offer- 50% off on AI4Chat's Unlimited plans

Validity- From 18 November to 31 December 2023

👉🏼 Get AI4Chat Black Friday deal here

23. NiceJob

NiceJob is a reputation management platform that helps businesses collect and showcase customer reviews. It streamlines the process of gathering feedback, promoting positive reviews, and enhancing online reputations, ultimately boosting customer trust and credibility for businesses.

Offer- 50% off your first two months for any subscription plan.

Validity- From 18 November to 1 December 2023

👉🏼 Get NiceJob Black Friday deal here

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