What is Email Marketing and how it affects your business growth

October 18, 2023

The Evolution of Email Marketing

While it’s true that email marketing has existed since 2003, only a handful of businesses have built their customer base using email marketing.

In 2003, for example, a total of 55.2 million e-mails were sent through junk or spam, where each of these emails cost marketers more than $32 per user. With the increasing usage of the internet and email and the rapid development of the mobile industry, this number jumped up to 797.5 billion emails in 2008, wherein each e-mail cost a customer $31.

The term ‘email marketing’ itself was used for the first time in the year 2004, where the term was introduced in the Oxford English Dictionary. The rise of email marketing in 2008 happened when 47.2 million emails were sent through junk or spam, and each email cost marketers over $32.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing refers to the practice of sending digital messages via emails to consumers. These emails can be advertisements, detailed information about a product, a discount code, discount coupons, a survey, a promotional offer, company updates, and so on.

Why would someone want to opt-in?

You need a large target market in order to have an ideal growth strategy, as most businesses find it difficult to target every one of their potential customers. With email marketing, you can achieve this by sending emails to people who fit into your perfect customer profile, by segmenting them based on characteristics and behavior patterns. This helps you understand their intent and how best to communicate with them.

Email Marketing helping you grow your business

What is the Goal of Email Marketing?

Emails contain an individual’s name and a subject line. This is one of the key components of your email campaigns, making sure that the recipient engages with the email. Email deliverability is extremely important because if your email doesn’t reach the end-user then there’s no impact. So, if your email doesn’t go through, the message isn’t read and your marketing has failed. This is why it is vital that your campaigns deliver what is expected from you and also what your clients expect.

The key is that your email campaigns have a clear objective to be reached. For instance, by setting up a business website you can send out an email campaign promoting your website. You can also send out an email campaign to promote your app, for your client reviews, or to boost leads.

How Email Marketing Affects Your Growth

If your goal is to drive business growth, your success is determined by the success of your customer acquisition channels. That is the highest threshold for the business; a goal that calls for the right mix of content marketing, web development, social media, and more to lead to customer acquisition. Email marketing is at the heart of it all, representing the initial contact with your customers that will inspire them to enter your list.

Email marketing, in fact, represents the most powerful driver of organic website traffic that should be one of your preferred channels.

What is the average success rate associated with email marketing?

Email marketing, or email marketing automation, is a technique of targeting users and sending specific content based on their individual preferences, interests, and requirements. It has been around for over 10 years and has continued to evolve with technology advancements and has grown immensely over the years. While its popularity as a marketing tool has grown significantly, the ROI, as it pertains to email marketing, still remains to be the weakest link in the chain.

The ROI of email marketing varies from vendor to vendor. In terms of customer retention, email marketing has an average success rate of 18%, far below other marketing channels. Although many businesses use email marketing for customer acquisition, most end up losing customers as they fail to retain them.


Email marketing involves four things, to make this happen, it is important for you to leverage several parameters including performance tracking and analytics.

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