Blacklist is a list of email senders that have been identified as spammy or malicious and are blocked from reaching recipients' inboxes.

Blacklist refers to a list of email addresses or IP addresses that are deemed to be a source of spam or other malicious activity. The list is maintained by email service providers, internet service providers, and other organizations that monitor email traffic. Email messages from addresses on the blacklist are typically blocked or marked as spam and are prevented from reaching the intended recipient's inbox.

Being blacklisted can have serious consequences for businesses, as it can lead to decreased deliverability, lower open and click-through rates, and ultimately reduced revenue. To avoid being blacklisted, businesses should take measures to ensure that their email marketing practices are in compliance with industry standards and regulations, such as sending only to opt-in subscribers, providing clear unsubscribe options, and avoiding the use of deceptive subject lines or content.

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