Conversion funnel

Conversion funnel is the journey a subscriber takes from receiving an email to completing a desired action, such as making a purchase.

A conversion funnel is a visual representation of the journey that a potential customer takes from initial contact with a business to the point of making a purchase. It is often used in marketing and sales to describe the process of turning leads into paying customers. The funnel is divided into stages, each of which represents a step in the customer journey, and is designed to help businesses identify areas where they can improve the conversion rate.

The stages of a conversion funnel typically include awareness, interest, consideration, intent, and purchase. At each stage, potential customers are presented with different types of content and marketing messages that are designed to move them closer to making a purchase. For example, in the awareness stage, businesses may use social media advertising or content marketing to attract the attention of potential customers. In the consideration stage, businesses may provide in-depth product information or offer a free trial to help customers make an informed decision. The goal is to guide potential customers through the funnel and ultimately convert them into paying customers. Effective conversion funnels can help businesses increase their sales and revenue while also improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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