Sender score

Sender score is a measure of a brand's reputation as an email sender, based on factors such as spam complaints and email bounces.

A sender score is a numerical rating given to an email sender's reputation based on their email sending practices. It is a measure of the trustworthiness of the sender's email sending IP address and domain. The score is calculated by email service providers and is used to determine whether or not to accept or reject an email. A higher sender score indicates a more reputable sender, and email providers are more likely to accept emails from senders with higher scores.

The sender score is calculated based on several factors, including the volume and frequency of emails sent, the number of bounces and complaints, and the level of engagement from recipients. A high sender score can be achieved by following best practices for email marketing, such as sending relevant and engaging content to subscribers, maintaining a clean email list, and monitoring email campaign metrics. A low sender score can result in emails being marked as spam or blocked by email providers, which can have a negative impact on email marketing campaigns. It is important to regularly monitor and maintain a good sender score to ensure that email campaigns reach their intended audience.

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