Reddit Protests as Subreddits Stand Against API Price Increases

June 21, 2023
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In an unexpected turn of events, the protest against API price increases on Reddit has surpassed its intended duration, with 3147 subreddits still participating. Originally slated to last only 48 hours, the protest has extended well beyond its expected end date seven days ago, as Redditors express their discontent with the platform's management. The catalyst for this prolonged demonstration was a leaked email from the Reddit CEO and a subsequent interview that further fueled the flames of dissent.

The leaked email, which has caused a significant uproar among users, revealed the CEO's dismissive stance towards the protests, suggesting that the controversy would eventually blow over. This dismissive attitude and the CEO's praise of Elon Musk's Twitter activities in the aforementioned interview only escalated tensions between the protesting users and Reddit's administration.

At the heart of the ongoing protest lies the issue of API price increases. Reddit's proposed pricing structure has been strongly opposed, as it would charge third-party developers considerably more than the platform earns per user. Reddit's current average monthly revenue per user is a modest $0.12, while third-party developers face a steep fee of approximately $3.52. The stark disparity between these figures has led to a widespread outcry as developers fear their apps will become financially unviable.

Despite the mounting pressure, Reddit has shown no signs of reconsidering its API pricing strategy. The platform has also failed to collaborate with influential figures within the Reddit community, such as Christian Seligman, the founder of the popular third-party app Apollo, who has offered assistance in finding a more amicable solution. Consequently, Reddit Is Fun and Apollo, two of the most widely used third-party Reddit apps, are scheduled to cease operation by the end of this month, leaving users and developers concerned about the future of their Reddit experience.

While the tide of the protest seems to be turning, with the number of participating subreddits dwindling from approximately 73% to around 14%, both sides have expressed a desire for reconciliation and cooperation at various points throughout the dispute. As the situation stands, it remains to be seen whether Reddit will take any action to address the concerns of its users and the wider developer community.

With just nine days remaining before the deadline, the Reddit protest continues to captivate the online community's attention. The outcome of this standoff will likely have significant ramifications for the platform's relationship with its users and the future landscape of third-party Reddit applications. As developments unfold, we will keep you informed on the latest updates and whether a resolution can be reached to alleviate the growing tensions between Reddit and its community.

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