Twitter Competitor Threads Hits 5 Million Sign-Ups In 4 Hours

July 6, 2023
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Meta's new social platform, Threads, has garnered impressive attention within hours of its release. With five million sign-ups in just four hours across 120 countries, the Twitter competitor seems to have struck a chord with users. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to his personal Threads account to announce the milestone, highlighting the platform's rapid growth. In comparison, decentralized rival Mastodon took months to reach three million users. Although Zuckerberg's Threads page currently lacks his own threads, the platform's initial success indicates a promising start for Meta's social media endeavors. However, the expansion hasn't been without challenges, as the app experienced some performance issues and crashes.

The launch of Threads coincides with a favorable environment for its growth. Twitter's recent limitation on tweet views due to scraping concerns, Reddit's disputes with subreddit moderators, and TikTok's scrutiny over ties to China have created an opportune moment for Threads to establish itself as an alternative. Zuckerberg describes Threads as an open and friendly public space for conversations, contrasting it with Twitter's sometimes contentious environment. While the platform aims to create a positive community, privacy concerns have been raised regarding the amount of personal data it collects.

Currently available only on iOS, an Android app is expected to follow, and hints at a potential web experience. Meta's track record of scaling billion-plus user networks with platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger suggests that Threads will overcome its initial challenges. However, the app still lacks key features found in more established social platforms, including direct messaging.

Despite Threads' promising start, Twitter maintains a considerable lead with nearly 370 million daily active users. Achieving the scale of its Meta siblings and challenging Elon Musk's social platform will require further growth for Threads. As Meta continues to refine and expand its offering, the future of Threads in the highly competitive social media landscape remains to be seen.


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