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October 19, 2023

Remember those early days of the internet when we all signed up for our first email-ID? Before social media, emails made the world smaller with better reach. So, it is no surprise that email marketing is the most trustworthy and profitable digital marketing strategy. However, emails have always been the same while the world of social media and messaging platforms have leapfrogged much ahead.

So when AMP emails arrived on the scene with interactive and dynamic features, the whole world stood in awe watching the transformation of traditional email into an app-like email. AMP Emails are breaking the decade-old image of the traditional emailing process and infrastructure with standardized interactive elements that allow greater capabilities to an email marketer.

In this article, we will introduce you to AMP for email and the difference it will make to your digital marketing strategies.

What is AMP for Email?

AMP Email is a subset of the AMP Project led by Google and allows users to add dynamic and interactive elements like accordions, carousels, carts, calendars, and more.

What happens when you get a basic, static email? It will probably contain a stylish font, an interesting picture, and an attractive layout. To access a service or a webpage, you will need to open a new tab, click another link or visit another website.

AMP for email makes this communication more interactive by enabling elements like carousels, accordions, and purchase buttons. With AMP for emails, you don’t need to open any other tab to access a link. This gives a webpage-like feel to the emails.

Now, email marketing can be more engaging, interactive, and actionable.

Advantages of AMP Emails ⚡

Research shows that the conversion rate for business email is the highest. For every $1 you spend on a business email, you get an average return of $38. Even the customers like to communicate through email. Studies reveal that around 72% of customers prefer emails for business communication.

Despite the positive trend and the success rate, emails do limit the scope of real-time integration and creativity. Emails are static, cannot contain a CTA button, and hamper an interactive experience. These disadvantages are glaring when it comes to customer retention and interaction.

However, the introduction of AMP in an email is about to change everything. This technology changes the way email works and provides a lot of scope to marketers for their campaigns. Now, your email campaigns will be personalized and a lot more fun.

How does AMP Email work? 👩‍💻

A general email is HTML-based. In AMP, your email will have a JavaScript Markup enabling AMP elements to be included in your static email. Your email will not have the complete functionalities of JavaScript but will support AMP technology.

By using the AMP advantage, you can now provide a rich user experience. AMP for email gives you the power of putting your best creative foot forward.

What are the possibilities and use-cases of AMP Emails? 🏄‍♂️

The major USPs of AMP email are as follows

Dynamic emails: AMP lets you make your content versatile. You can include form submission with the help of amp-form. Your form can also have a multi-select widget with an amp-selector.

Interactive Elements: Unlike the rigid layout of static emails, AMP for email helps you incorporate various elements that will completely alter the look of a mail.

With these features, your email can have -An option of hiding/showing different sections with amp-accordion.Carousels with amp-carousels.Better navigation with an amp-sidebar.A lightbox for images with amp-image-lightbox.A component that will help you set text in a certain area with amp-fit-text.Timestamps with amp-time ago.

AMP Email Templates 📧

AMP Emails templates are a far cry from the text and HTML templates that we have seen till all this time. AMP Email templates bring with them interactive elements like carts, calendars, forms and other app widgets inside the email which makes them interactive and actioanble.

Users can take action within the email without any redirects to another web or landing page.

You can find samples of AMP Email templates here- AMP Email Templates

Gif Of AMP Mails from Mailmodo Platform
AMP Email template for an E-commerce use-case

Why should you be excited about AMP Emails 🙃

As a digital marketing strategist, AMP for emails is a piece of great news. We will tell you how –AMP is a boon for e-commerce. In a static email, you could show your users’ pictures and different styles. But, buying the product would require another tab to be opened. With AMP, you can get your users to complete the order in the mail. Tracking delivery of an order in the mail would also become possible with AMP. You can allow real-time tracking instead of just sending status updates. Booking also becomes easy with AMP like this case study where they have seen skyrocketed webinar registration by using AMP emails, not only this but many crypto companies have seen great results by using AMP emails.. A user can find empty seats, offers, and locations in the mail without the hassle of changing the tab. Sending invitations becomes easier, too. Now, a user can RSVP for an event or leave a necessary comment in the mail.

The Verdict 👩‍⚖️

AMP for email is the right move by Google to empower emails. Email marketers can utilize this to make their campaigns more engaging. It is now time for you to wait and watch how this changes the scenario. Until then, do let us know if you have any questions regarding AMP for email.

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