6 Ways Email Marketing Fuels Your Inbound Strategy

November 17, 2023

With how wide the world wide web feels, it's a challenge to attract attention to your little corner. We've solicited advice from top marketing talent to help, and their secret weapon? Emails.

Email marketing can help drive your overall inbound strategy and get eyes looking over your products and services. But don’t just take anyone’s word for it. We asked six marketing professionals and business leaders: How can email marketing fuel your inbound strategy?

Here’s what they had to say:

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Email experts lead the way

From targeting more specific customers to generating inbound website traffic with email newsletters, here are six ways these professionals utilize emails for their inbound marketing strategies.

Target more specific customers

It can target more specific customers. The advantage of email marketing is already having a list of potential consumers that are interested in your products and services. This allows you to craft an email specifically to the audience that will be most likely to positively receive your email campaign. Using email marketing to target specific consumers can help convert those marketing efforts into sales.

- Stephen Skeel, 7 Wonders

Reach customers directly with sales and discount offers

Email marketing is an excellent opportunity to let your subscribers know about any sales or discounts that your company is offering. Everyone loves a good sale, and even if they are not necessarily diehard fans of your company, they will appreciate the opportunity to save money.

- Drew Sherman, Carvaygo

Remind visitors and customers to revisit their shopping carts

Reaching out to people who visited your site without following through or making a purchase allows you to remind them of what they left behind in their shopping carts. While some customers may not have intended to buy something in the first place, a friendly email about an item they showed interest in can help dispel any lingering hesitations. And with product images, customer reviews, a coupon code, and a clear call-to-action, you can encourage these shoppers to return to their cart and place their order. Email marketing is an excellent way to increase sales and keep inventory moving.

- Maria Shriver, MOSH

Provide cost-effective content and outreach

Email marketing is a cost-effective method for companies to disseminate high-quality content that drives leads to a business. Delivering valuable content to customers is easiest through email marketing strategies that attract users instead of relying on traditional sales techniques. Use infographics, blog posts, social proof, or video content in email campaigns to pique interest in your brand’s offerings. Users respond well to their interests or content with real value, so the closer content ties into their personal lives, the more likely they are to convert. Email marketing also facilitates easy segmentation. The businesses that can dial in and refine each segment’s content to optimize conversions will have the most success with their inbound marketing strategy.

- Jason Panzer, Hexclad

Facilitate multiple follow-ups on your leads

Email marketing is one of the best ways to consistently generate high-quality inbound leads. Your email marketing efforts (and any automated emails you have going out) takes care of the hard work by sending out multiple points of follow-up to your leads over time. For this to work, you also need to be consistent with sending out emails to your list and generating new leads.

When a prospect is ready to have a conversation, they reply to any email they've received from you—which is sent to a monitored inbox. This boosts opportunities for great conversations you or your sales team can have with that person. Once they've engaged with multiple emails over time, they're much better qualified. This saves you and your team from manually reaching out to unqualified leads who don't want to have a conversation with you to begin with. And gives you a consistent way to generate qualified inbound leads.

- Andrew Pfund, Scale and Prosper

Generate inbound website traffic with email newsletters 

I've found monthly newsletters are a great way to generate inbound website traffic, with links to blog posts and other valuable content. Newsletters are only opened and read consistently if they provide valuable educational, interesting, or entertaining content. That's the key. And newsletters don't have to be created "from scratch". The best newsletters use snippets of blog content and other website assets. This ensures that the resources spent creating those assets is maximized by sharing it in various channels, such as email.

- Janet Granger, Two Beagles

As you can see, it’s not impossible to drive traffic toward your business through quality-driven newsletters and emails. If you take these strategies and implement them into your ongoing marketing efforts, you can start to see the results in your sales conversions and overall website traffic.

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