10 Effective Healthcare Email Sequences (Why They Work)

November 1, 2023

Can you describe one email automation sequence that you believe is effectively used in a certain industry and explain why you think it is effective? Here is what 10 thought leaders have to say.

Abandoned Cart Emails in eCommerce

In eCommerce, one of the most proven email sequences is abandoned carts. One email is sent a few minutes after a cart is abandoned, followed by several scheduled emails to remind the visitor that they left items in the cart. 

After an extended period, some organizations offer a discount or an incentive to encourage the individual to make a purchase. A highly effective strategy is to build fear through the limited availability of products within these follow-up emails.

Abandoned cart emails have proven to be highly effective, especially for non-essential purchases. They keep your organization's products at the forefront of an individual's mind. Inserting FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) into these sequences can improve abandoned cart effectiveness.

Max Desmarais, Director of Strategy, Vital Design

Seasonal Product Warm-Up Sequence for Mattress Brand

For our mattress brand, Dozy, the seasonal product warm-up sequence is a game-changer. Every year, from May to early September, many struggle with uncomfortable heating and night sweats during sleep. 

That's why we introduced the Summerhill mattress. In simple terms, the Summerhill is designed to be breathable, with features like a pocket-coil base and open-cell foam that ensure heat moves away from your body for a cooler sleep. 

This strategy is effective because of its seasonal relevance, the anticipation it builds, our engaging content, the educational aspect of our emails, and the continuous feedback loop we establish with potential buyers. 

Over time, it's this approach that has set us apart and helped customers make informed decisions for a comfortable summer sleep. Every e-commerce product has at least one peak season; ensure it's part of your email strategy.

David Owen, Founder, Dozy

Replenishment Emails in Healthcare

I'm talking about healthcare here. I think one powerful email sequence in healthcare is replenishment emails: a subtle reminder that it's time to restock. What matters here is the timing of the email; it's very important to keep these emails in sync with buying behavior. 

You want your email to land in their inbox when they need the product the most. It's also important to make reordering easy: link directly to the product page or, even better, their checkout cart with the product already added. 

Also, this might not be a good time to cross-sell. Stick to the product that they purchased—it boosts the chances of getting a sale.

Harsh Vardhan, Head of Content, Convertcart

Schedule Send Sequence in eCommerce

The "schedule send" email automation sequence is very effective in the eCommerce industry. For instance, in running an eCommerce business, it's been found that "schedule send" assists in keeping customers engaged and informed.

When a customer makes a purchase on a website, an automated email is instantly sent to confirm the transaction. The next email in the sequence could be a shipping confirmation, letting customers know when their products have been dispatched. 

Once the product is delivered, a follow-up email asking for a review or providing related product suggestions is a great way to keep the conversation going.

This strategy is effective because it keeps customers updated at every step of their buying journey, enhancing their overall shopping experience, and increasing the chances of repeat purchases. It's all about maintaining constant communication in a non-intrusive way.

David Rubie-Todd, Co-Founder and Marketing Head, Sticker It

Patient Onboarding and Follow-up in Healthcare

In the healthcare sector, a "Patient Onboarding and Follow-up" automation sequence is incredibly effective. Immediately after a patient's first appointment, the system emails with post-appointment care details, which is not only helpful but also builds trust. 

The sequence then automates appointment reminders, sends periodic health tips, and even circulates satisfaction surveys. These actions accomplish two things: they foster a sense of community and belonging, encouraging patient loyalty, and they collect invaluable data for improving patient care. 

The technical prowess lies in integrating Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, enabling a seamless, personalized experience.

George Panayides, Digital Marketing Specialist, The Digital xx

Upsell and Cross-Sell in the Beverage Business

The upsell and cross-sell email sequence is an excellent strategy for a beverage business owner. Here's how it works:

A thank-you email is sent right after a purchase. This is a friendly way to start the conversation and keeps customers open to future emails. Customers feel honored and appreciated when they see these kinds of emails, to the extent that they begin to trust and follow up on the emails.

About a week later, personalized product recommendations are offered based on their past purchases. The aim is to show them how complementary products can enhance their experience.

The engagement continues with emails that feature related products. These are carefully curated, like limited-time offers. This strategy aims to maximize order value and customer lifetime value by promoting upgraded products to recent customers.

Alex Mastin, CEO and Founder, Home Grounds

Re-Engagement Email in Hospitality Industry

A re-engagement email has always worked wonders in the hospitality industry, allowing them to gain repeat clients. However, with the fierce competition in the industry, selecting the perks you'd like to offer for their continued patronage can be tricky. 

They'll have to be unique to stand out among the rest, which could sometimes mean a hefty discount on a client's next visit.

The key to success is segmentation and effective targeting. Hotels know who their clients are and what to offer to have the best investment return. They understand the tendencies of their guests and how they respond to different email sequences.

Lilia Tovbin, Founder and CEO, BigMailer.io

Onboarding Sequence in Fintech

CoinLedger's onboarding sequence gracefully guides new users from a welcoming introduction through a practical guide on crypto tax and transaction imports. It proceeds with a reminder about importing the transactions and ends with a killer offer: help to manually move your transactions to the system. 

Imagine being offered manual work for free at SaaS! A manual approach is chosen because it is economically more viable than losing a customer. Any fintech firm can carve out a similar path in their strategy. 

In managing a digital wallet app, guide users through secure transfers and savings features via initial emails, and conclude with a message offering a complimentary one-on-one security walkthrough with an expert. This guarantees long-term engagement and trust within a skeptically viewed industry.

David Kemmerer, Co-Founder and CEO, CoinLedger

Upsell/Cross-Sell Sequence in Marketing

The best way to use email sequences in marketing is to increase the customer lifetime value for every single customer you've already converted. Since the hard part of getting them to buy from your brand is over, upselling and cross-selling can help you maximize revenue and create an even deeper sense of brand loyalty without needing to "prove" your credibility again.

The upsell/cross-sell sequence is imperative, especially for small businesses with a small customer base, because every client matters even more. 

Since this sequence is sent to your existing customer base, they don't need to sound salesy or pushy—you're simply giving users a chance to try out other products and services you think they'd like.

Hardy Desai, Founder, Supple Digital

Email-Automation Sequence in Healthcare

Healthcare professionals have found our email automation sequence beneficial. It includes several critical components to improve patient involvement and healthcare. First, we give patients individualized appointment reminders a few days before their appointments.

This eliminates missed appointments, enhancing patient care and organizational efficiency. We also send automatic post-visit feedback requests to show our dedication to patient happiness and gain ideas for improvement.

Patients receive occasional health suggestions and updates on their medical problems and well-being. This education keeps patients involved in their treatment. Reactivation programs apply to patients who haven't visited recently.

These emails remind patients to schedule follow-up consultations, re-engaging them and assuring their treatment. Engaging patients, reducing appointment no-shows, showing care, and updating them with this comprehensive email-automated sequence improves health outcomes.

Dr. Jennifer Silver, CEO, Owner, and Dentist, Macleod Trail Dental


The applications of email automation sequences across industries have showcased their significant impact on customer engagement, sales enhancement, and brand loyalty. The highlighted strategies, ranging from abandoned cart emails in eCommerce to patient onboarding sequences in healthcare, have underscored the importance of personalized content, timely communication, and customer feedback integration in fostering trust and lasting customer relationships. By leveraging the power of email automation, businesses can establish meaningful connections with their clientele, leading to improved retention rates and long-term profitability, thereby propelling sustained growth and success within their respective sectors.

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